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Rachel Kent

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Have you seen this video?

It’s a grandma reading to her baby grandchild. The book they are reading is The Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith. This video has gone viral, and if you watch it you’ll see why. It’s adorable! And this grandma loves this book! 🙂

Right after I saw the video for the first time, I went to Amazon to see if I could find a copy of the book. The only available copies were listed for $1000. It appeared that the book was out of print. The publisher likely lost out on many sales. They had no way of knowing the video of the book would go viral, and this got me thinking. How can we be prepared for success so we don’t miss out on opportunities when they come our way? The publisher did get to work right away and the book is up on Amazon now.  It has been the #1 bestseller. Amazing what a little video can do, isn’t it? The publisher did react quickly to be able to get these sales.

We can all dream of something like this happening for us, but even on a smaller scale unexpected opportunities do come our way. How can we be ready for marketing opportunities? What tools do we need to have in place? Maybe a website or blog? Or perhaps an e-newsletter? Do you do video interviews or Skype appearances? Maybe you need to be sure to have the right camera and lighting in your office for those? Is there something you can invest in to be ready for new opportunities? How can you be better prepared to market your book(s)?


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  1. I about died while watching this video a few weeks ago!

  2. Rachel great Scottish granny video you provided the link for. So funny.

    I have been reviewing You Tube
    videos on the equipment needed
    to create video postings
    (VLOGS) to my blog.

    I have purchase a Snowball microphone, and I am fixing up an area in the lower level of our townhouse to film. I have purchased several books on creating a YouTube channel. I am also figuring how to link all my social media in a congruent manner. I have no experience in this, but I created my own web page on WIX and people have liked it. I need to focus on my blog for a weekly post, my Facebook for several posts throughout the week, and use Instagram as a driver to my online spaces. This all takes time, so it has been slow going. However, I do have two WIP’s and volunteer teaching and shepherding others.

  3. The best marketing oppo I have is witnessing my appreciation for God’s grace and blessings in my life, while the pain of onrushing cancer crushes me and fear of tomorrow’s trials steals my very breath.
    * Words are all I have to offer, and if I reach one person, just one, to give hope and nourish faith and open the door to love, it’s succeeded beyond my wildest expectations.
    * Passing the torch, you need just one willing hand to take it, yeah?

    • Cate Touryan says:

      Andrew, your best book is the one God is writing on your life. One person? You’ve reached multitudes. You’re the two loaves and five fish in Jesus’ hands, nourishing the faith of many.

    • Pat Iacuzzi says:

      You continue to accomplish the task set before you…you were born in this time of social media–and you have reached many more than one! Everyone here who knows you carry candles and will pass the flame of courage from that torch. Praise God for you, Andrew.

      • Pat, thank you for this. I only know that I would not have missed this for the world, and that if just one person opened a heart to Christ, it would be worth all the pain, all the fear, and all the heartache (all of which, as I write this, are a considerable weight…breathing’s kind of tough).
        * To quote Lou Gehrig, I’m the luckiest man alive.

  4. Expect God to surprise you. His biggest surprises are often delivered with a “Fear not.” If God opens the door, he’ll provide the means to walk through it.
    * My daughter-in-law shared the Wonky Donkey link with me. My response: “Why don’t I own this book?” Glad the publisher stepped up.

  5. Sherry Kyle says:

    I’ve watched this video several times! She’s so cute. Love her laugh and accent. “Oh, dear!” haha Talk about great marketing (every author’s dream!) …and a fun book! My daughter wants it for her 3rd grade classroom. 🙂

  6. Ha! That is awesome! Hmmm … there is a video of me reading my romcom to my 105 pound dog on the couch. She was of course enthralled!

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