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So much more than an agency

At Books & Such, we help authors to build careers. From the smallest detail of the next book idea, to the big picture of the writer’s lifelong dreams, we work strategically to help each author reach his or her writing and publishing goals.

We help authors to:

  • Develop top-notch ideas
  • Get the smartest deal for each book
  • Think strategically about their careers
  • Be informed about the major shifts in the publishing industry
  • Stay innovative
  • Identify and cultivate their own brand
  • Understand book marketing and social media
  • Choose between traditional, print-on-demand, and digital publishing and provide the connections to do any combination of these, with a project manager to oversee print-on-demand and digital titles.

We go above and beyond the usual literary agency services by:

  • Offering continuing education, exclusive to our clients, via webinars and in-person sessions.
  • Connecting our clients with each other through an online forum, enabling them to offer insights they’ve gained, or to ask for help from fellow writers.
  • Creating Editors Select, a 24/7, password-protected website that showcases all of our clients’ projects to publishers.
  • Regularly highlighting projects to editors via direct, customized e-newsletters.
  • Developing Library Insider, a national database of acquiring librarians’ contact information, used in mailings to prompt library systems to order a specific title. Unlike other library databases, Library Insider is equipped to track results and is updated weekly.
  • Hosting a biennial retreat for clients and their spouses at resort locales for in-depth workshops and individual planning time with the author’s agent.

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Client Testimonials...

Karen H Whiting (Mary)

“When Mary became my agent, she took time to get to know my passions, dreams and goals for writing. She looks at developing a writer and not just garnering quick contracts. It’s great to have an agent who listens, gives wise advice, and understands an author’s vision.
We started together in the midst of one of my tight deadlines but as soon as that drew to a close Mary amazed me by quickly placing a book proposal and working to negotiate more time to develop a proposal an editor requested (that is now being contracted).
She responds quickly to my emails and text messages. Mary is guiding me in the right direction and I look forward to continuing this partnership for a long time.”
-Karen H Whiting, author of The 365 Most Important Bible Passages for Women

Sarah Sundin (Rachel)

“Rachel Kent has been a gift to me. As a debut author, I could have been lost in the complex maze of publication, but Rachel has guided me through contracts, positioning questionnaires, titling, marketing plans, and cover art-with more twists and turns to come. If Rachel took a career guidance exam, I am sure it would say she was meant to be a literary agent. She is both smart and savvy, with knowledge of story, writing craft, and the publishing industry. In addition, she has that rare blend of integrity, firmness, and gentleness necessary for negotiation. A publishing contract is for a season, but an agent is for your career. I am blessed to have Rachel as my advocate and my friend.” -Sarah Sundin, author of A Distant Melody

Tricia Goyer (Janet)

“I have been privileged to work with Janet over fifteen years. In that time I have had thirty-five books published in addition to other projects Janet has brought my direction. I can say for certain that my publishing success is due to her guidance, expertise and insight. She is quick to respond to my emails and phone calls, reads my proposals with care, and matches my work with the right publishing house. Janet also advises me on which ideas I should pursue and has guided my career every stop of the way. Her integrity also is appreciated not only by myself but also by the numerous publishing houses I work with. I can’t imagine traveling this publishing journey without Janet by my side!” -Tricia Goyer, author of thirty-five books, including My Life, Unscripted

Anne Elisabeth Stengl (Rachel)

“Rachel has been a godsend to me, and make no mistake, she is smart and capable, with a solid knowledge of her field and a real love for what she does. I have been so blessed to have her working with me, negotiating my first contract and keeping on top of all the doings at the publishing house. I would be totally at sea in this business without her publishing world savvy!” -Anne Elisabeth Stengl, author of Christy Award winning book, Heartless

Paul Coughlin (Janet)

“Janet takes the question marks out of a writer’s life. She provides expert advice on how to create better writing and a more productive career. Her intelligent guidance allows a writer to concentrate on writing and to rest well at night, knowing he is in good hands.”
–Paul Coughlin, author of No More Mr. Christian Nice Guy

Norma Horton (Mary)

“Mary is a force with which to reckon. Her keen intellect, business savvy, and decades of publishing experience enable her to guide authors through every phase of the literary process. Perhaps more importantly, her willingness to think outside the box, and consider the future of publishing and my career, anchor her as an pivotal member of my team. I simply could not be more delighted with Mary Keeley, my literary agent.” –Norma Horton, author of When Camels Fly

Bekah Hamrick Martin (Rachel)

“Rachel is loyal and persistent. She stuck with me as a new author while we developed the right project for the right publishing house at the right time. Because Rachel is my cheerleader and my intelligent co-conspirator, I continue to press on and succeed in this industry.” – Bekah Hamrick Martin, author of The Bare Naked Truth about Waiting (Zondervan, 2013)

BJ Hoff (Janet)

“It seems to me that if there were a course of instruction of the training of literary agents—and there probably should be—Janet Kobobel Grant would be the natural choice to teach it. With her uncompromising professionalism and integrity, her long-standing acquaintance with and experience in the publishing industry, and her unswerving commitment to fairness and reason, Janet has not only gained the affection and respect of her clients, but has managed to set the ideal to which other agents should aspire. She stands for all the good qualities authors hope to find in an agent and some they didn’t know existed. Janet truly defines the word “agent” as I believe it was meant to be: “Author advocate.”” -BJ Hoff, best-selling author of The Mountain Song Legacy series

Gari Meacham (Wendy)

“Wendy is the perfect mixture of smart, tempered with humility. She gracefully negotiates and networks—garnishing the respect of publishing circles throughout the country. She advises me with a poise that has built my knowledge of the industry, and confidence within it. She’s practical, insightful responsive, and warm—proving to not only be an excellent agent, but a trusted friend.” -Gari Meacham, Spirit Hunger (Zondervan October 2012)



Debbie Macomber (Wendy)

“From Wendy’s business background she is a masterful negotiator and a diplomatic tactician; as a Christian she’s insightful, wise and judicious; and as a friend, she’s a joy.” -NYT Bestselling author and client, Debbie Macomber

Marla Alupoaicei (Mary)

“As a gifted and experienced literary agent, Mary Keeley demonstrates professionalism, a keen knowledge of the industry, and a gracious spirit. She has been both a wise, seasoned voice of experience and an inspiring “cheerleader” for me as an author. She truly believes in the talent and potential of all of the authors she represents, and she helps them to achieve success as she guides them to publication. Her careful attention to detail and her great expertise on the ins and outs of the publishing business have been invaluable to me. I highly recommend Mary as a literary agent.” -Marla Alupoaicei, author of Your Intercultural Marriage: A Guide to a Healthy, Happy Relationship

Kathi Lipp (Rachelle)

“I write books and speak all over the country, but when I really want to impress another author, I just say, ‘Rachelle Gardner is my agent.’ I can’t think of anyone in publishing in the past five years who’s done more to educate and encourage authors than Rachelle.” -Kathi Lipp, author of The Husband Project

Karen O’Connor (Janet)

“Janet Kobobel Grant is not only a superb agent, but also a good friend—someone who cares about me and the work I do. I am deeply grateful for her expertise, her integrity, and most of all for the respect and encouragement she provides each one of her authors. I am proud to be one of them-and I look forward to many more years of partnership with Janet.” -Karen O’Connor, Author of Help, I’m Having a Senior Moment, and Getting Old Ain’t for Wimps

Lauraine Snelling (Wendy)

“Wendy Lawton stays on top of the markets and publishing trends so she can not only sell her clients’ current project but plan and build the careers of the writers she represents.” -Lauraine Snelling, Bestselling author of The Red River Series, Daughters of Blessing, Reunion and more


Robin Jones Gunn (Janet)

“Janet and I have worked as an author/editor team since 1985. Together we have produced over 78 books. That amazes me. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for Janet. Her wise insights, professional direction, and gentle friendship have kept me afloat in an industry where many talented writers find themselves easily capsized. Over the years Janet and I have learned to not only stay afloat as a team, but we also have experienced incredible seasons of full sail. Janet currently is serving as my literary agent on several projects, and she has steered me in some wonderful new directions. Our future together looks bright.” -Robin Jones Gunn, best-selling author of Sisterchicks Down Under and Gardenias for Breakfast

Dale Cramer (Janet)

“Janet makes it look easy, but her singular ability to navigate the publishing murk comes from an encyclopedic knowledge bought with years of experience. She is respected because she is respectable, and such a reputation opens doors. Possessed of uncommon wisdom and insight, Janet can steer a career or edit a manuscript with equal aplomb; her advice is solid gold.” -W. Dale Cramer, Christy Award winning author of Sutter’s Cross, Bad Ground, and Levi’s Will

Ann Gabhart (Wendy)

“I am so blessed to be represented by Wendy Lawton. When I decided to change agents after writing a couple of books for the inspirational market, I asked writing friends and editors for advice. Wendy Lawton was the name that surfaced every time with words like “She’s the best” or “You’ll love her.” And she is and I do. Wendy cares about her clients – not just the books we write, but about what’s going on in our lives too. She has even graciously gone to bat for me a few times regarding some issues with books I wrote before she represented me.” -Ann Gabhart, Bestselling author of The Seekers

Becky Melby (Mary)

“I enjoy working with Mary Keeley. She is an encourager who cares about her clients and their futures. I appreciate her guidance and expertise in helping me develop goals for my career. She is very approachable, easy to work with, and has a heart for the Lord and a passion for supporting writers.” -Becky Melby, author of Tomorrow’s Sun

Judith Miller (Wendy)

“For many years I worked without an agent, but now I can truly say, “What was I thinking?” Having Wendy Lawton join me at the helm of my writing career is the best move I’ve ever made! Not only has she helped me negotiate contracts, she has directed me toward decisions that will build my career over the long term. Beyond counting her a genuine friend, Wendy is a prayer warrior, a creative dynamo, a negotiator, a problem solver extraordinaire, and serves the Lord with her whole heart—she continues to exceed my highest expectations.” -Judith Miller, Author of the Daughters of Amana series


Liz Johnson (Rachel)

Rachel has championed my books, offered countless words of encouragement, and challenged me to produce the best books I can write. I love that I can count on her for honest and helpful editorial suggestions. She offers a listening ear and sound publishing direction, inspiring me every step of the way to pursue the stories on my heart.
I adore Rachel and count it an added bonus to be part of the Books & Such family. This agency welcomes authors into the fold and gives them the tools and support needed to succeed in this
ever-changing industry. –Liz Johnson, New York Times bestselling author