What We Accept

Books & Such will accept e-mail queries for the following genres:

  • Adult fiction and nonfiction
  • Teen and young adult fiction and nonfiction
  • Twenty-to-thirtysomething fiction and nonfiction
  • Middle grade fiction and nonfiction

We do not accept e-mail queries with attachments, or unsolicited phone or postal mail queries.

How to Submit a Query

When submitting a query, please follow these guidelines:

  • Limit your query to one page
  • Include the genre and subject of your manuscript, its unique elements, and target audience
  • Highlight your vision for marketing your book, your writing experience, the name of the person (if any) who referred you to Books & Such, and whether you’re currently submitting your query to other agents.

Where to Send Your Query

To submit your query, send the above information to:

representation @

(You will need to remove the spaces from the email address.)

The Next Step

If we’re interested in seeing more of your work, we’ll ask you for the following:

For a novel (including young adult novels)

  • a synopsis (5-6 pages double-spaced) in which you tell us the basic plot and introduce us to your main characters.
  • the first three chapters (approximately 50 pages of the work).
  • your biography, with an emphasis on your qualifications for writing the manuscript and how you can help to market it.

For a nonfiction manuscript

  • a proposal, detailing the audience for your work, why you believe the work will attract significant readership, and what current titles would compete with your book for readers, how you can help to market the book, any ideas on how a series could be developed.
  • a chapter outline in which you write a paragraph description of each chapter.
  • your biography.
  • the first three chapters (approximately 50 pages of the work).

When you send the manuscript (by request only), please include your e-mail address in the cover letter. If you would like your material returned, be sure to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) with sufficient postage, otherwise we will respond via e-mail. If we receive neither an e-mail address nor SASE we can’t respond.

All material submitted without SASE will be recycled after our review.