Starting a New Manuscript: Encouragement and Tips

Rachel Kent

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It’s that time of year again! The children are going back to school and summer is just about over. I know many of you are going to be starting in on new writing projects since you’ll have more time during the day to focus while the kids are in class. It’s exciting, but facing a new manuscript can also be overwhelming.

Let’s spend a little time today sharing tips with each other on how to get started on a new project. What gets you excited to jump in? How do you get the first pages written when you are sitting in front of a blank document?

Whenever I’m facing a new project–editing a proposal or submitting a project to editors, for example–I like to get a fresh cup of coffee and a snack and clear my desk off first. These small pre-work preparations help me to concentrate on the project for longer and I’m able to get more done. I think the time I spend getting the coffee and clearing my desk allows for my brain to start in on the project even before I’m working on it. It’s like I’m geared up because I’ve been thinking about it for a little while.

I’d love to hear what you do to overcome the difficulty of beginning a book. And if you don’t struggle with starting a new project, why do you think that is? What words of encouragement do you have to share with those who do struggle?

Because it’s Friday and summer is winding down, I think it’s time we had a little fun, tooimages. I’ll be doing a random drawing to select one winner from those of you who comment here before Monday at 10 a.m. (PDT). The winner will receive a hot-of-the-press copy of Nancy Moser’s The Journey of Josephine Cain. I’ll announce the winner here in the comments on Monday and I’ll email the winner as well.


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  1. Pete Bauer says:

    I’m always praying for help writing! LOL. However, I usually start a new manuscript when I simply can’t fight the growing momentum inside to get the idea down on paper. As a man, I can only guess, theoretically, of course, that it’s similar to giving birth. You have an idea, it grows and matures until it has to come out. :) I fight it, because I know just how consuming it will be and how much work and frustration lie ahead, but that’s also like having children (father of two).

    Like parenthood, at the end of the day, the sacrifice is well worth it.

  2. Rachel Kent Rachel Kent says:

    The book winner is LINDA JEWELL!

    Congratulations, Linda. Please email me (rachel@ your mailing address and I’ll send Nancy’s book to you right away.

    Thanks to everyone for your comments and advice!

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