Mergers and Buyouts and Takeovers, Oh My!

Wendy Lawton

Blogger: Wendy Lawton

Yesterday brought the surprise of the Penguin-Random House merger. If approved Penguin Random House will be the world’s largest book publisher. The announcement caused a groundswell of author angst that very nearly paralleled the anxiety over the Super Storm also taking place in New York City.

Many a blogger is talking about the merger today— what it may mean for the industry, for editors and publishing professionals, for agents and for authors. I’m not going to address any of those things. I want to talk about the the worry and wringing of hands by so many authors. Some are predicting contracts being cancelled and imprints being folded. Others are taking a global view of the merger and predicting the end of publishing as we know it.

In the words of my sweet mother—snap out of it!

  • Nothing can be done about it, no matter how much you fret.
  • It’s impossible to predict what will happen. Anyone who proposes to know at this point is just guessing.
  • People who embrace change generally profit by it.
  • Yes there may be some opportunities that are lost but there may very well be new opportunities that will be tailor made for you.

Sarah Young in her wonderful book, Jesus Calling, had this to say on October 27th, “I, the Creator of the universe, am the most creative Being imaginable. I will not leave you circling in deeply rutted paths. Instead, I will lead you along fresh trails of adventure, revealing to you things you did not know. Stay in communication with Me. Follow My guiding Presence.”

There’s the real answer for us when considering all the changes in publishing. No matter how many mergers, acquisitions, takeovers and buyouts might happen, none of it is a surprise to God. It may seem like the CEOs, the attorneys and the corporate elite are in charge but we know the truth. Right?

I’m going to be flying all day so this is another day I won’t be able to join in the discussion, but please feel free to comment. Agree ? Disagree?


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