Christmas books! And a chance to win a book!

Rachel Kent

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Our clients’ Christmas releases are starting to arrive at the office. A couple of weeks ago, we received agency copies of:

Wyoming Christmas Quadruplets by Jill Kemerer

The Victorian Christmas Brides Collection with stories by Books & Such clients Lorna Seilstad, Erica Vetsch and Gabrielle Meyer.

Christmas Stitches by Judith Miller, Nancy Moser and Stephanie Grace Whitson

The Christmas Heirloom Collection with stories by Books & Such clients Karen Witemeyer and Sarah Loudin Thomas.

Mistletoe Courtship with a story by Books & Such client Sarah Mitchell

and Cold Case Christmas by Jessica R. Patch

I could be missing some of the client Christmas books on this list, but that’s at least a good sampling of the ones that have come in recently.

Christmas books come out early in preparation for all of the Christmas shopping. I have not started mine yet!

Do you enjoy reading books about Christmas or Christmas novellas?

What is your current favorite Christmas book?

I enjoy reading Christmas novellas and books, but I have too many favorites to list them all. I have enjoyed many of the Barbour Christmas collections, and I enjoy reading the Christmas novellas/novels my clients write.

I have an extra copy of Wyoming Christmas Quadruplets and also an extra copy of Cold Case Christmas that I’d like to pass along to two blog readers. I’ll randomly pick two of you who comment on the blog today to each receive one of the books. I’ll announce the winners in this blog’s comments on Wednesday morning, and I’ll email the two winners privately to get mailing addresses.

Have a wonderful week and thank you for being faithful readers of the Books & Such blog!

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  1. My favourite Christmas read isn’t really a Christmas book – it’s William Barrett’s “The Let Hand Of God”. It does seem to carry an appropriate seasonal message, though.
    * And so does my very own…humility pause, here…”Angela: A New Mexico Christmas”. I mean, everybody’s got to try writing a Christmas story, yeah?

  2. Jill Kemerer says:

    Thanks so much for offering the giveaway, Rachel!! I’m saving my holiday reads for after November–it’s hard!

  3. Thanks Rachel for this post and the fun chance to win a book.

    I love Christmas books, and have a collection of my favorites. Last year I attended Michelle Griep’s book launch and signing for, 12 Days at Bleakly Manner, from her Once Upon a Dickens Christmas Series. I jus attended her launch for book number two, A Tale of Two Hearts, and purchased a copy. I’m so excited to see what happens, but I want to wait until it loser to Christmas and snowing. BECAUSE then I make it into a wonderful read among the lights and decorations in my home, and snuggle up with a blanket, my little Shih Tzu, Peanut, and a plate of festive cookies with a cup of tea. Oh, it’s just so special to read Christmas books like that. AND to top it off I can turn on our television to the channel that has a fire blazing and Christmas music playing. Now that is Christmas reading. Course, it is also very fun to read to others to, with blankets all around, a bowl of popcorn, and some apple cider.

  4. Linnea says:

    Christmas reading – I love it. Christmas brings a blanket of snow and and a bit of time for myself. Although I can’t say I have any particular favorite I love to read a cozy mystery while cuddled up on the couch with a blanket and a nice hot chocolate. Sounds a bit cliche when I write it down but there you are!

  5. Rachel, what a fun post. And it’s great to see so many Christmas books coming from B and S clients! Among my favorite Christmas books is, Baby, It’s Cold Outside, by Susan May Warren. I do enjoy reading Christmas stories. I don’t have a ton of time to sit down and read right now. Teen boys with busy schedules keep me in the car a lot. I’ve found that listening to books has helped me get some reading in. I need to download some Christmas stories to my Kindle. I do find, as the chilly weather sets in, and schedules calm down, I enjoy reading from hard copy books.

  6. Jessica Patch says:

    I love reading (and writing) Christmas books! Thanks so much for offering this giveaway!

  7. Linda Strawn says:

    You had me with that adorable cover of those four babies. It’s hard to believe Christmas is right around the corner. These books are sure to get me in the mood, so count me in.

  8. Sherry Kyle says:

    There’s nothing like a fun Christmas novella/novel to get me in the holiday spirit. One of my favorites is Where Treetops Glisten by Tricia Goyer, Cara Putman, and Sarah Sundin. Thanks for offering the book giveaway! And congrats to all the Books & Such clients who wrote the new Christmas releases!

  9. Think Christmas? No! Not yet! (I haven’t yet packed up my summer clothes).
    *Maybe I need a Christmas story. “Gift of the Magi” is my long-time favorite.

  10. I love Christmas novellas! It is fun to curl up with a book during chilly weather and there is something nostalgic about a Christmas book. We try to listen to A Christmas Carol on audiobook with our sons and read aloud The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and The Shepherd, The Angel, and Walter The Christmas Miracle Dog as a family every year.

  11. Susan Sage says:

    I don’t generally read specific Christmas books … maybe it’s time to start! ; ) I usually love watching Christmas movies.

  12. What a fun post, Rachel! I do love reading Christmas books around Christmas time, though I never seem to have quite enough. ๐Ÿ™‚ My parents have many special Christmas picture books I’ve loved since childhood, like Tomie DePaola’s An Early American Christmas, a lovely illustrated The First Christmas, and Papa Panov’s Special Day, translated from Leo Tolstoy. In terms of longer adult fiction, I love Jan Karon’s Shepherds Abiding, T. Davis Bunn’s Tidings of Comfort and Joy, and the oldie-but-goodie Two from Galilee by Marjorie Holmes.

  13. I just read The Christmas Heirloom Collection. It was wonderful, Rachel. I look forward to reading it again through the Christmas holiday.

  14. Julie Scorziell says:

    Every year my book club reads a Christmas book and has a cookie exchange for our December meeting. Nobody had any suggestions for our next Christmas book, so I will check out the novels above and recommend something. The Christmas books are always so sweet — reading one is like a gift to myself. Thanks for your recommendations Rachel!

  15. Mary Kay Moody says:

    Oh. My. Christmas. Yes, love reading Christmas stories … yet often don’t get to read them until Dec. 26! What a huge selection. Kudos to B & S and your authors. I have to say ~ the cover of 4 in a basket is cute beyond words! Thanks for your generosity, Rachel.

  16. Mary Kay Moody says:

    PS All-time fave Christmas story ~ “Where Love Is, God Is” by Leo Tolstoy. Maybe it comes alive for us because we first heard it as a radio drama, and as I read I hear the snow crunch underfoot, hear the wind rattling windows, and the yearning in Martin the cobbler’s voice when he asks God why He didn’t come to visit as He’d told Martin He would. We read and/or listen every year. Have you read it?

  17. I’ve seen Jill’s book. What a great cover. I’ve also stumbled upon Jessica’s. The only thing that can make a book better for me is to set it during Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday and I love stories set around Christmas. Novellas are much easier for me to read these days with my hectic schedule.

  18. When my children were young, my grandmother sent them a cared from Youth for Christ about a lonely little bunny named Barrington. He learns the gift of giving. Barrington doesn’t survive the freezing night but the field mouse he gives shelter to is safe and secure. It’s a sweet and sad story that serves as a reminder of how Christ gave his life that others might live. I would read the story to my children at Christmastime. I enjoy Christmas stories.

  19. Rachel Kent says:

    We have our winners!!!

    Linda Strawn, you have won a copy of WYOMING CHRISTMAS QUADRUPLETS!

    And Norma Brumbaugh you will receive a copy of COLD CASE CHRISTMAS!

    I’ll try to email you both to get mailing addresses, but if you see this first, please feel free to email them to me [email protected] (remove the space).
    And thanks to all of you for reading the post and commenting! ๐Ÿ™‚ Christmas will be here before we know it!

  20. I absolutely love Christmas books, which I guess is the reason I’ve written several. LOL. I usually wait to start them until at least November, if not after Thanksgiving, much like my beloved Christmas music.

    Some of my favorites have been Where Treetops Glisten and Basket Brigade Christmas.

    • Janet Grant says:

      Amber, I agree that the writer of the article foresees a quick sea change. I think it’s more likely to be simply another way we access books, which we’ll each incorporate into our lives as see fit. And the change will not rapid but gradual.