Holy Week Commemoration

Mary Keeley

Blogger: Mary Keeley

Thursday of Holy Week—Maundy Thursday—is the day that ushers in the most important days in history. On this day Christians prepare our hearts for what tomorrow through Sunday signifies for us. I can think of nothing more important to blog about today.

Maundy Thursday prepares our hearts.

The word “Maundy” is derived from the Latin word mandatum, meaning commandment. It refers to Christ’s command to follow his example as he washed his disciples’ feet: show love and humility as we serving others. The Maundy Thursday service at our church is my family’s favorite service of the year. Appropriately solemn, it is completely different from any other service of the year. It focuses on commemorating the Last Supper, reading of Scripture, and worship. Nothing more. No distractions. Perfect.

Good Friday commemorates the sacrifice.

Our day jobs may require our presence at work tomorrow, but our hearts will be elsewhere. We in Christian publishing will be one together—authors, agents, editors, sales, marketing, and PR teams, and publishing executives. Brothers and sisters kneeling at the foot of the cross with humble, repentant, hearts. Hearts that overflow with thanksgiving for Christ’s unimaginable sacrifice on our behalf to purchase our eternity.

Resurrection Sunday celebrates the victory!

Bunnies and chicks, eggs and candy are a fun way to train young children that this day is special. Many of us add a biblical Easter picture book to our children’s baskets or gift an older child with a devotional or Bible. Good stuff. But they will know the victory of this day as they watch our transformed lives confirm the power of Christ’s finished work. The evidence is our love.

Let’s seek God to reignite our united purpose during commemoration of those days Christ endured for us. We cannot shrink back under the pressure of political correctness, but rather renew our resolve to obey the Great Commission. How can we not? We worship our Savior through the work he has equipped us to do. We each use our unique gifts, knowledge, and the stories he inspires to encourage readers, possibly introducing some to him for the first time. A privilege and no greater joy.

What meditations and memories bring home the significance of this day for you? How do you commemorate Maundy Thursday?