Christmas Memories in the Making

Janet Grant

Blogger: Janet Kobobel Grant

I posted this blog in 2010, commemorating the sweetest moments of our family’s Christmas celebration that year. But,well, that was five years ago.

I actually had forgotten about the joys of that particular Christmas. Revisiting them brought tears to my eyes.

Read on, and then pause long enough to think of the one, outstanding moment from Christmas 2016 that you don’t want to lose sight of.

Merry Christmas memories to you and yours!

Now, here’s my view of Christmas from 2010:

Isn’t it grand the way Christmas lingers? Most of us keep our trees up at least until New Year’s Day; I know some folks who never take theirs down!

The memories linger, too. As you tuck away your gifts in their new homes, you think about the giver of each item. We remember the meals and the laughter shared. And, usually some family trauma intrudes even this holiday to remind us that relationships are hard to do well, consistently, and

For me, a standout memory from this year was that I didn’t decorate our tree. And that wasn’t because I didn’t want to. It’s because life interrupted my best laid plans. My husband was admitted into the hospital on Dec. 17 for symptoms of a potential heart attack.

Sure enough, that’s what was occurring. Eventually the cardiologist had to do a procedure, but Loch is now home and well on the road to recovery.

But, because I had invited our children, grandchildren and spouses to our house for Christmas Day, I wasn’t sure how to pull off that event plus be with hubby. So our daughter Robin brought her husband, two sons (ages 14 and 12), and one dog over to decorate our home. While Robin and I prepared supper, her husband and one son dressed up the tree. Their dog played with my dog and with grandson #2, who loves dogs and would rather roll around on the floor with them than put ornaments on a tree.

When I stepped into the living room to view the vision of loveliness, it was…imperfect in so many ways.  The guys didn’t know what to do with my pearl garlands (“What the heck are these for?”), nor had lights and ornaments been hung on any low-lying branches. Guess the guys figured, “Just put up enough ornaments to cover 2/3 of the tree. That ought to do it.”

But you know what? It was a vision of loveliness. Because they were expressing love to me. They were preparing the way for our Christmas celebration together. And they were giving me the best gift of all: a beautiful memory.

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