9 Reasons to Quit Writing

Rachelle Gardner

Blogger: Rachelle Gardner

The publication journey isn’t easy, no matter how you approach it. I’m always encouraging people to be patient, persevere through the obstacles, and doggedly pursue their dream. For some people, this means persistence through years or decades.

But… is there a time when you should give up? Maybe so. I could be wrong but I think there are a few signs the publishing journey is not for you.

You may want to stop pursuing publication if…

1. You’re only doing it for the money. (In the majority of cases, the money’s not that great.)

2. You expect the publication journey to be anything other than the hardest job you’ve ever done. (The ups and downs alone can drive you crazy.)

3. You have an aversion to hearing bad news. (The path always seems to be strewn with little firebombs.)

4. The thought of promoting your book still gives you hives. (It’s just reality if you want anyone to read it.)

5. You think Tweeting “Check out my book!” constitutes a good social media strategy. (That’s so 2010.)

6. You expect to receive only four- and five-star reviews on Amazon. (Even War and Peace has 1-star reviews.)

7. You believe selling one book to a publisher means you’re a shoo-in for selling more.(This is only true if your sales on that first book are through the roof.)

8. You truly believe your book is better than all the others out there. (You may be a tad unrealistic.)

9. You think anything else—anything—might make you as happy as writing does. (Because if so, you should go for it!)

What are some obstacles you’ve overcome—and still didn’t quit?

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