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Favorite Nonfiction Book? And a giveaway!

Rachel Kent

Blogger: Rachel Kent

What is your favorite nonfiction read right now? Do you have an all time favorite? (Besides the Bible, please!)

One of my all time favorite nonfiction books is The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. It’s an amazing story of great faith during the torture of WWII.

A current favorite is Don’t Hide Your Light Under Your Laundry Basket: 150 Bright Ideas for Wannabe World Changers by Jenny Rae Armstrong. It’s a book for moms (though I think busy dads could enjoy it very much, too!) about doing more than just motherhood. It’s a book about still being involved in the missional world–even in a small way–during these crazy days filled with diapers, crackers, toys, and mess. It encourages moms (and dads) to continue to use their spiritual gifts even in the midst of the gargantuan task of parenting. And it is done in a wonderful format! Little essays and stories that can be read in five minutes of less. It is an easy read and I took a lot away from it. Jenny Rae Armstrong has a beautiful writing voice and style.


I have a copy to give away! If you leave a comment below you will automatically be entered in a drawing for a copy of the book. I will do the drawing Monday morning, so please leave your comment today or over the weekend. I’ll announce the winner in the comment section of this blog and I will try to reach out via email to notify the winner as well!

Have a great weekend!

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