Pre-Marketing Your Book

Blogger: Cynthia Ruchti

“I’m not even done with my first draft. Why should I think about pre-marketing, whatever that is?”

Marketing starts much sooner than the book’s release day. Much, much sooner. It’s not premature to start thinking about marketing before the book idea is fully formed.pre-marketing writing



Pre-Marketing Before You Write

  • How will your idea translate to radio interview or guest blog material? Does it have a strong enough connection to a theme readers will care about and want to discuss?
  • What special interest groups might be interested in the book you’re thinking of writing? Caregivers? Athletes? MOPS groups (Mothers of Preschoolers)? Couples in trouble?
  • Start following social media groups that focus on your book’s theme or target readers.
  • Will your story make it easy for a design team to create an engaging cover?

pre-marketing marketing


Pre-Marketing As You Write

  • Your novel character surprises you with the announcement that his father was a Wounded Warrior. A subplot you didn’t see coming introduces exotic animal rescue. You use an anecdote in your nonfiction that reminds you of someone who may need a copy of the book. Take notes as you go along for your future marketing–or ministry–efforts.
  • An idea hits about something from your freshly minted chapter that would make a good discussion guide question for a book club or small group. Take a moment to write it down in a file dedicated to questions like that.
  • Another theme weaves its way into your story. Keep note of it for sample interview questions.pre-marketing editing

Pre-Marketing As You Edit

  • You discover a line you wrote that would make a great text image for promoting the book. Keep a running list of noteworthy quotes to create those social media images.
  • As you edit, you take note of motivational tips that would work together in free printable downloads. Don’t wait until the book is published to start recording those tips.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to maintain a good relationship with the marketing and sales teams at your publishing house.
  • What iconic items from your book or in your online searches would make good giveaway accompaniments when the book releases, or as thank you gifts for your launch team, if you plan to use one? Collect them now.

Thinking about marketing during the musing, writing, and editing stages may seem like distractions. But if we treat marketing thoughts like a soundtrack running underneath the process, our accumulation of ideas–like a snatch of a remembered song–will better equip us for the inevitable marketing efforts required of us no matter our publishing path.

What would you add to the list of pre-marketing ideas?