Praying for Your Publishing House and Editors

Rachel Kent

Blogger: Rachel Kent

Bethany House hosts a prayer day on their blog the first Sunday of every month for the authors with releases that month. How cool is that?! I know many CBA publishing houses spend time in prayer about books they are producing or they are thinking of producing and the authors they work with. I believe that we could spend more time in prayer for our publishing houses and editors, too.

Prayer makes a difference, and if we were to add our publishing houses to our personal prayer lists, I think the impact on CBA  could be huge. It can be our inclination to complain about how slow publishing is or how the marketing isn’t going as well as it could be for our title. A publishing house can perform poorly in one or more areas, but there are many individuals working in many different departments, trying hard to work together to get these books out to readers. And our CBA publishers are unique because they have the goal of reaching readers with the life-changing message of God through the books they are producing. Which is our goal as Christian writers and agents, too.

I also think that spending time in prayer for our publishing houses will help our relationships with them. If we are praying for the houses we are working with, the mindset toward these places will be more focused on Christ’s love and the shared faith instead of being quick to jump to negative conclusions and accusations. There are times for disagreements–nobody is perfect and no publishing house is either–but through spending time praying for our publishing houses we should be able to better remember to approach any interaction with the house in a way that is pleasing to God.

I am going to commit to praying more for our CBA publishers and the individuals who work at them. Even if you don’t yet have a publishing house, would you join me in praying for Christian publishers? I believe these houses are reaching the world with the message of Christ, and we can help with our prayers. If you already pray for Christian publishing, thank you! I am sure your prayers have made an impact.

Dear God, Please bless those who are working for you at Christian publishing houses.  Allow their efforts to spread the message of Christ to be fruitful. Please help the departments to work well together so that there is unity among your workers. We love you and praise your name. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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Rachel Kent

Blogger: Rachel Kent

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