What’s Your Dream for 2018?

Rachelle Gardner

Blogger: Rachelle Gardner

I was talking with an author about the conversations I have with writers and all the emails I send, trying to be encouraging while letting them know their project is not right for our agency, or their writing isn’t quite ready yet. I was explaining that I don’t enjoy being the bearer of so much bad news, and I said,

“I’m not in the business of killing people’s dreams.”

And she said,

“Yes, you are.”

Aarrgghh. That’s not what agents are about. That’s not what I’m about. I’m about the exact opposite—helping people’s dreams come true. Trying to bring quality books to the world, be a small part in the big process of sharing ideas through the written word. Helping authors get their books to the right publishers, and helping them make good decisions about their careers and their ministries.

But unfortunately, many people’s only contact with me is when they send me their project and I send them back a rejection. To them, I’m just one more threat to their dream. It’s tough out there.

Listen—don’t let me, or any other agent, editor or publisher, kill your dream. Only YOU can decide if it’s ever time to set aside a particular dream and follow a new one.

Be strong, be brave. You can do this.

Do you have a particular dream for 2018?

Happy New Year!

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  1. Yes, Rachelle, I have a dream. It’s to be alive at the end of 2018. Right now, pneumonia is doing its best to suck the literal life out of me, and every breath is an effort. Cancer, apparently, is not enough…even a couple of varieties. That doesn’t seem very sporting, but there you go, and even gentlemen must sometimes learn to fight dirty.
    * My dream is bolstered by a mind-picture, and I think this kind of visualization tool is vital for ANY dream – if we can see what we want to do, where we want to be, we have a much better chance to get there, because the dream has a foothold in reality.
    * My mind-picture? At the end of the world, with everything a glowing radioactive wasteland from the last war in history, the only things left moving will be cockroaches…and me. Because I am unkillable.
    * Bring it, Satan, and I shall use your bones as my dinner flatware, and your brainpan as my goblet.

  2. Not killing, Rachelle. Refining. And God’s in the same line of work.

  3. Carol Ashby says:

    My dream is to receive the email from a reader that says he/she read one of my novels, considered why a nonbelieving character decided to follow Jesus no matter what it might cost, and decided to follow Him, too.

  4. Rachelle, when an agent says, “No,” most of us are tempted to kill the messenger. You don’t make the rules, and the publishing world is changing almost daily. Thanks for being on our side, even when you bring us bad news.

  5. I don’t look at it as you are dream killers. You have a job to do. You know your job and are great at it. My job, as a writer, is to become very good at what I do. Yet, just because we are both very good at what we do, that doesn’t necessarily translate into us working together. I get it. My dream for 2018 is to get my Memoir ready for submission. I also have some other titles I hope to get to that point once the memoir is submitted.

  6. Beth K Vogt says:

    Yes, I have a dream for 2018. The funny thing is, it’s come about after letting go of some of my original dreams for my writing life — what some might even label the “death” of a dream. I’ve learned that the end of a dream doesn’t mean the end of me — and that yes, I’m still a good writer even when I’m faced with a closed door. 2018 is going to be a good year — no matter what!

  7. Peggy Booher says:

    Rachelle, I liked your comment “…don’t let me, or any other agent, editor or publisher, kill your dream. Only YOU can decide…” That perspective puts the power back to the writer–where it should be. Sometimes it’s too easy to give up that power to someone else.
    *I want to practice writing more–the same thing as for 2017. I have a blog, but don’t write on it as consistently as I’d like. I want to submit devotional pieces more often. I guess my dream is to be stronger “on the inside” so I can be persistent, intentional, focused.
    *I’d also like to start a writing group locally. I’m not an “expert” by any means, but I am enthusiastic about writing. I can offer support and feedback to other writers, and get support and much-needed feedback in return.

  8. Jeanette Raymond says:

    It’s been a great year of learning. I’m excited for 2018. Thankful for talented writers, bloggers, agencies and their agents for each morsel of information bringing me closer to finishing my novel. Part of being a writer is understanding what is needed to get the readers interest and keep them reading. I’m beyond grateful for each ones input in telling the truth when it comes to how I needed to improve in past writing and future projects. I think not being told the truth would kill my dream quicker than being given a thumbs up and having a book completed and no one interested in reading it. It’s been a lot of writing and rewriting. It’s sprinting and wanting to burst into a full run but going back to walking 🙂 Writing extremely exhausting at times. LOL The difference in my letting the vision of my work die or continuing to resuscitate it back to life, is I believe in this story. I love these characters. I love God and all He has done. Writing is also exhilarating. Seeing the body of work come into shape has brought moments of laughter, tears and frustration, but I’m glad for the journey. I love when someone more experienced can tell me, this is written wrong. How can I improve if I am not told? How can I give my best if I don’t know what is bad and what is good? Love how much I can see wrong with what I’ve written now compared to a couple years ago. Even more I’m thrilled I understand when someone says this is wrong and this is why. It’s a good feeling. For me, there will always be room for improvement. There will also be, as someone wise pointed out, a time to put one book or dream aside, maybe meant for another day, and work on another idea. Which I have done. My dream for 2018 is more of a reality 🙂 to continue to seek out those who know more about writing and editing. To continue improve on the manuscript I’m currently working on, to take time to enjoy the fragrance of love poured into me by others, grateful for their talents and thankful for all I’ve been given. Blessings everyone. Happy New Year.

  9. Angie Arndt says:

    In 2018, I’d like to get one book in marketable condition and finish another. I started this journey in 2005 and it’s taken longer than I expected. They say writing is a solitary business, but it isn’t. It takes “alongsiders,” agents, mentors, teachers, prayer partners and others to keep us going. Then we have to trust God’s timing. It’s the only way to be brave enough to keep going.

  10. Love this post, Rachelle. Being a control freak has its advantages–there is no way I can allow someone else to kill my dreams. If a dream dies it is because I’ve released it out into the wild to fend for itself. 🙂

  11. My dream for 2018 … is the same one I had for 2017. I have a story I can’t let go of … but I did and I wrote another story … one that I couldn’t let go of. But I did and I went back to the first story I couldn’t let go of and turned it into two full length books … and then wrote several fun romantic comedies (four of which I sold to a small publisher) and wrote some middle grade books … one of which I can’t let go of. After some very nice rejections of the first story I can’t let go of … I am now focusing my time and energy upon the second story that I can’t let go of. I would love for that story to get a chance and so my goal for 2017 is to pour my soul into that story as well as the middle grade one. Back and forth, between two stories that I love, hoping and praying for the best. That is my goal … after that, I probably should write another fun romance … I have some ideas.

  12. David Todd says:

    World peace.

  13. Rachelle, I consider all of you Books and Such people personal friends because of this blog and seeing many of you at Mount Hermon. Although you don’t represent the kind of writing I do, you continually inspire me to follow my dreams and improve my craft. This blog is a ministry, and you’ll never know this side of Heaven how many people’s lives have been touched because of reading books you got published.

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