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Rachel Kent

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Writing a nonfiction book that has been on your heart is great, but figuring out if that book has an audience and who those readers are is essential before you decide to pitch your project to publishing houses and agents. Putting your readership in your proposal as “women” or “men” isn’t good enough. You need to put thought behind your audience to really give the publishing house a sense of who you believe will read your book. Here are three ways to help you come up with a better definition of your readers.people-1279618-m

1) Take a look at you. Often the author is a good representative of the audience for a book. What in your life qualifies you to write this book? Are you a horse-lover? Pastor’s wife? Missionary? Stay-at-home mom? Often your audience will fit in with one or two of the ways you would describe yourself.

2) Check out the bookstore. Where would your book be shelved in a bookstore? If there was going to be an endcap at a store with your book on it, which books would be next to it based on topic? What audience do those books appeal to?

3) Turn your computer on and look online. What interest groups are you a part of? Do you think those people might be your audience? Think about the kinds of websites your book could be advertised on. What types of people would look there for your book?

What other methods do you use to define your audience?

Does figuring out your audience come easily to you?


Who’s your audience? Three tips from lit. agent @rachellkent to help you find your nonfiction readers. Click to tweet.

What methods do you use to define your audience? Via lit. agent @rachellkent Click to tweet.

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