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Rachelle Gardner

How to Read More Blogs in Less Time

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Blogger: Rachelle Gardner

How are you reading this blog right now? Was it delivered to your email box? Is it in your Google Reader, or does it appear on your Internet home page? Maybe you clicked a link through Facebook or Twitter.

Or… perhaps you have it bookmarked and you clicked directly into the Books & Such website?

I’m sure most of you have a system of blog reading that works for you. But just in case you’re still reading blogs willy-nilly with no established method, I wanted to share with you some ways to stay on top of all the information that’s important to you… without being overwhelmed and without ever missing anything.

Would it surprise you to know that I follow over 50 blogs? It’s not a burden, it doesn’t take up an inordinate amount of time, and it’s incredibly easy. Here’s how I do it:

1. Email

I’ve chosen about half a dozen blogs that for me, are the most important to keep up with, and I’ve subscribed to receive each of them in my email box. Whenever these blogs put up a new post, it appears in my email box. I’ve also set up a filter on my inbox that sends all news and blog posts to a separate folder that I call “Things to Read.” That way, the blogs don’t clog my regular inbox where I do business with clients and publishers, yet they’re plainly visible. Whenever I have a few moments and I want to catch up on my reading, I open that folder and quickly see all the latest news and blogs. (All my publishing newsletters go directly to this folder also.)

How do you subscribe to receive a blog in your email? Most blogs make it very easy. Here on the Books & Such blog, the link to subscribe via email is toward the top of the right-hand sidebar. Just enter your email address in the box and click “Subscribe.” Easy!

2. A Reader

There are quite a few different RSS Readers you can set up. I use Google Reader because it’s simple, it allows me to organize my blog subscriptions by category, and it syncs between my laptop, my Kindle Fire, and my smartphone.

Honestly, Google Reader has revolutionized my life! It makes it possible for me to follow over 50 blogs, organized into categories: Publishing. Clients. Christianity. Agents. Self-Publishing. Blogging. Technology.

The Google Reader automatically updates with new posts, and once I’ve read them, it makes them disappear. It allows me to “star” particular posts in case I might want to come back to them later. It keeps all my important reading in one place.

The best thing about the Google Reader is that, since it’s synced to my phone and Kindle, I’m able to do a lot of blog reading while “on the go.” Waiting for my kids at school is always good for skimming a few blog posts. Waiting in line at Starbucks or the bank. Waiting in the dentist’s office, sitting at a sporting event…wherever I am, I can quickly open my Google Reader app and keep up with my favorite bloggers.

What this means for me is that I almost never read blogs while actually sitting at my computer, except for when I’m on Twitter and I’m clicking on links my friends share. I’ve been known to have my Kindle Fire propped on the kitchen countertop while making dinner so I can read a blog post or two while waiting for the pasta water to boil.

How to set up Google Reader? You need to be signed in to your Google account. Then go to to set it up. You’ll see a “Subscribe” button. You can enter the URLs of your favorite blogs there. When you want to create a “folder” to organize your blogs by category, click on the name of the blog you’ve added, then click “Feed Settings,” then click “New folder” and create a folder. For example, “Agent blogs.”  Once you’ve created several folders, then it will be easier to add new blogs to each folder.

An even easier way to add blogs to your Reader is to click on the RSS icon on the blog itself. Here on the Books & Such blog, at the top of the sidebar you can see where it says, “Subscribe via RSS.” If you hover your mouse over it, you’ll see many options, the first one being Google. Choose which Reader you’d like to use, and click it. If you click Google, it will give you the option of having the blog appear either in your Google Reader, or on your Google Homepage.

By using the combination of email and RSS feeds, you can access an amazing amount of information in surprising little time.

Kindle fire Drawing for a Kindle Fire!

We want to encourage our readers to subscribe to our blog so that it comes to you automatically every time we post. Starting today and continuing through April 30th, everyone who subscribes to our blog via email or RSS will be entered in our drawing for a Kindle Fire. If you’re already subscribed, you’re already entered in the drawing. We’ll do the drawing in the first week of May and announce the winner on the blog. Contest is open to everyone in the United States and Canada, Books & Such clients included.

What’s YOUR system for reading blogs? Tell us in the comments, and let us know if you’ve subscribed.


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  1. Anne Love says:

    I still have a “dumb” phone. So, I went with the email subscription. I have my favorite blogs listed on my blog site and can see when a new post is up. Trouble is, if I’m away from my computer for extended times. Maybe someday I’ll have a smart phone…

    • Yes, it’s a personal decision whether to have a smartphone and therefore have 24/7 access to the web and email. It’s definitely a double-edged sword! Since I’m both a mom and a business-person, having my smartphone enables me to be attentive to business even when on the run with my kids.

  2. Love this! I have heard of Google Reader but wasn’t sure if it was the same thing as when I go to my Blogger Dashboard. I don’t think it is since blog posts don’t disappear when I click through, and I can’t organize them or star them that I know of. I will have to look into this. Thanks, Rachelle!

  3. I have some in my email and some through my Google reader.

    “I’ve also set up a filter on my inbox that sends all news and blog posts to a separate folder that I call “Things to Read.””

    I need to figure out how to do this!

  4. My favorites come via email and the rest are in Google Reader. However, I didn’t realize I could organize them as you suggested so I plan to do that, then I think I’ll read more of the ones in Google Reader. I’ve subscribed to yours now 🙂

  5. Yes, I need to know how to set up that special folder as well, Rachelle! Please expound? And pick me for the Kindle Fire? 🙂

  6. Dana says:

    I generally follow blogs through Facebook and Twitter. By the way, is the contest open to Canadians?

  7. Kelly says:

    I haven’t decided which method I like best for following blogs. Some I just read when Twitter links are posted, some I have subscribed to by email, and some are in Google Reader. But since I’d LOVE to win a Kindle Fire, I’ll subscribe to this one now 🙂

  8. Katie says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Google Reader, although maybe our settings are different, because even after I’ve marked blog posts as read, they are still available to me. I like this, because it makes it easier to search so that I can reference something that I vaguely recall reading weeks ago.

    In fact, this has saved me before. I had been a contributor to one website, and I hadn’t kept a personal copy of those posts. Rookie mistake, I know. Later I realized that I should have those on file, but when I looked for them, I found that the site had pulled their blogs–gone!–and my contact was no longer working there. Then I realized that I could find my old posts in Google Reader. Hooray!

    I also like to click subscribe if I read one interesting post, but I don’t have time to read more to decide if something is “worth” following. It’s easy to just check the headlines, and if I find that nothing else grabs me, I unsubscribe.

    Phone-wise, though. I remain in the dark ages. I can barely text, and I can’t check anything except my messages!

    I found this post via Twitter, but I’ve subscribed with Google Reader now.

  9. Danielle DeVor says:

    I just have a list of blogs bookmarked that I routinely check everyday. I’m kind of obsessive compulsive about it- and I also follow what blog entries are posted on facebook and twitter.

  10. I’ve recently discovered subscribing by email and I love it! It’s so nice to open my inbox and have those blog posts right there. And if I want to comment, all I have to do is click on the link to be taken right to the blog site. I’ll have to look into Google Reader, too. Btw, I subscribed to this blog today!

  11. Molten Notebook says:

    I use Google Reader for all my blog reading — except, oddly enough, this post. (I saw the link on Twitter first. Kudos for cross-posting!) Your blog is filed under Agents and Editors. Other categories include Authors, Science, Local, Food, and I Don’t Know Where Else to Put This.

    One neat feature of Reader is the stats it keeps about your reading history. Apparently I’ve read 12,753 posts since 2008, mainly between 1 and 4 in the afternoon. That coincides, more or less, with my coffee breaks. I ought to get a smart device so I can keep up!

  12. Kirsten says:

    I follow some blogs on Facebook, others with Google Reader. For some reason (not premeditated) my Facebook blogs tend to be the writing and editing ones; the Google ones are mostly craft, health, faith, and book blogs. (I think my Google Reader could use some organizing into folders.) Thanks for including Canadians in the contest to win a Kindle Fire. I will be subscribing!

  13. Amanda says:

    There are a few blogs (including yours) where I have liked the page and their posts show up in my newsfeed. I also subscribe to most via email. I did not know about Google Reader. I’ll definitely have to check that out.

  14. Nice hook with the Kindle Fire drawing, Rachelle. I prefer using Google Reader for my blog reading to keep my email from getting clogged up, however, your idea to filter your email is helpful and I’m going to implement this. Should I be fortunate enough to win the drawing, I’m going to give the Kindle Fire to my wife. She loves to read and I already have enough techie toys. Thanks for the pointers.

  15. Susan Husk says:

    I follow you through Facebook, now email. However, I am discovering new blogs, through your posts and others. Having an organized way to follow them is a relief. I appreciate that, as someone successful, you are willing to share how you manage your day and how you became successful. It is encouraging.

  16. Diana says:

    I have subscribed, but will continue to read them from the facebook link. I keep feeds in Outlook only for reference purposes.

  17. Caryl Cain says:

    Great post! This is going to make my life so much easier.

  18. Keli Gwyn says:

    I discovered Google Reader years ago and love it. Like you, I set up categories, which enables me to read the highest priority posts first.

    I receive the B&S posts in my Reader, but I’ve subscribed to the email notices as well, so the posts don’t get hidden among the masses. I receive notices for your blog’s posts that way, too. I clicked a Facebook link to reach this B&S post, though.

  19. C.E. Hart says:

    I add rss to my google homepage. So convenient!
    I just subscribed to your rss!

  20. Joanne Sher says:

    I LOVE google reader. With a PASSION. I’m subscribed here that way – and I follow about twice as many blogs as you do, Rachelle (though some of them rarely if ever post). My phone is also dumb – but LOVE the idea of being able to read on the go. Am CONSIDERING a smartphone, and this just gave me another reason to give it a closer look. AND to hope to win that Kindle Fire! 😉

  21. Tiana Smith says:

    I’m now officially subscribed via RSS 🙂 I love my Google Reader and follow most blogs that way. One reason I prefer Google Reader over other RSS feed-thingies is that it automatically adds blogs that I follow via Google Friend Connect, which is great in the writing sphere of things because most writers use Blogger and have GFC. While I usually just subscribe via RSS rather than GFC, this feature is still helpful.

  22. I am subscribed using Google Reader, it takes a click or two and that’s it. I recently discovered flipboard, which makes reading blogs a beautiful image-laden eye-candy fest – even on my smartphone. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway! Hope I win!

  23. My method, up until this blog post, has been pretty random. Got some in my email, a few blogs I am just drawn to every week, and others I stumble upon (not with “Stumble Upon” that’s just how I am phrasing it.)

    I’m ashamed to say…I didn’t know anything about google reader until this post! *purple flaming hot blush creeping over my cheeks*

    So. THANK YOU R.G.!!!! I am now in the know!

    I’ve read your blogs through fb in the past, but now I will have true organization! No time (free time) until I’ve finished an edit and started teaching my next class…but I will get to google reader soon! I WILL.
    *hand on heart*

    And in the meantime I have signed up for your blogs to be emailed to me directly instead of the ol’ FB scroll down approach.

    Thanks again!

    ~naked editor

  24. Kate says:

    Thanks Rachelle…I’ve used Google Reader, but not effectively…planning to change that now. Most of the blogs I follow come through an email subscription, but it can be a bit overwhelming. I love the idea of setting up folders.

    I am signed up with this blog on the RSS feed and email, but I mostly check for the latest post on Facebook. The posts appear earlier in the day on my Facebook page. (Don’t know why?)

    Organizational hints are much appreciated…leaves more time for writing!

  25. Sarah Sundin says:

    My method – if you can call it that – is to have my absolute favorite blogs come through email. I don’t know WHY I haven’t noticed the email subscription to the Books & Such blog before – now I’m a subscriber. I also have a list on Twitter for “essentials” – my closest friends and publishing connections, and my favorite bloggers – then I follow the blog link if the topic interests me. Also I go through my Blogger dashboard a few times a week and see if any topics grab me.

    You sold me on Google Reader. I’m a big fan of doing things on the go.

  26. Thank you for the tips – I subscribed!

  27. Donna says:

    Google Reader is indispensible to keep up with the blogs I follow in one easy place. If a blog I like doesn’t allow it, I sign up via email. The blogs I absolutely don’t want to miss, arrive by both!

  28. Lisa Gomley says:


    Thank you so much for posting this. I have some blogs going to my Google homepage, but the majority go to a specific email. However, my inbox is completely unorganized (something that makes me crazy)and I never thought of setting up a filter. I am also going to look into switching at least some to Google Reader. Very helpful post…thanks again!

  29. Sarah Thomas says:

    It just kills me when a favorite blog doesn’t have an e-mail subscription. I hadn’t thought of filtering–love that idea. And I’ll definitely check out Google Reader. Thanks!

  30. Crafty Mama says:

    I used to use Blogger to keep up with my blog reading, but now I just subscribe by email (or Facebook!) to my favorite blogs.

    And now I am subscribed to this blog. 🙂

  31. Yes, I do use Google reader, but now I’m making sure I’ve got Books & Such in there (please enter me! I’d love to win!). I usually just goto my blog and click on the link, since I’ve posted all the writerly blogs I frequent there.

  32. Another way I find of finding blogs I might otherwise miss, particularly those I don’t actually follow, is to use Twitter lists organised by area of interest. This allows me to keep track of what other people I follow are reading and I’ve discovered some real gems recently.

  33. Bonnie Way says:

    I read some blogs through Google Friend Connect (in the dashboard on Blogger), others by just clicking to the blog in my Internet browser when I’m bored and looking for something to do, and most blogs by scanning my Facebook news feed and then following through to titles/links that catch my attention. I’ve looked at Google Reader but haven’t really tried it yet. Maybe I should give it another go. 🙂

  34. I’ve never tried Google Reader (don’t have a smart phone) and now I’m glad I don’t use it. I’d hate to have everything disappear once I’ve looked at it because often I mark the e-mails as unread if there’s a link I want to follow or information I want to look at later when I have more time.

  35. My life starts with my email, so I have my blogs come there. This one always comes in the afternoon. However, I need to build the system that categorizes and files blogs and such. My email tends to be overwhelming. But I’m working on it. Can you get the RSS on the keyboard Kindle???? I’d love to get my blogs on that. I, too, have a “dumb phone” so won’t be getting blogs there.

  36. I am subscribed. I have a question about Google reader – does this give Google info that they can share with others about my likes and preferences? I receive your post by email.

  37. I’m subscribed by email. I switched all my blogs to Google Reader a few months back and never read any of them. I’ve been working at moving them all back to email subscriptions. I like to get them in my inbox, scan quickly, click over if I want to comment, and delete. In Google Reader, they just sit there waiting for when I have time to go over and read, and I never have time.

  38. Beth K. Vogt says:

    I am an old-fashioned “just send it via email” gal who just purchased an iPhone. Time to utilize Google Reader more/better. So, I subscribed to this blog via Google Reader too … and will start making the transition.

  39. One more thing–Rachelle, your blog comes in at midnight, so I think it is mailed to me as soon as it posts. But Books and Such comes in hours after it posts, I think, because I usually click over as soon as I get it and there are always lots of comments already. I prefer to get the posts right away because then I feel like I’m getting in at the beginning of the conversation instead of coming in after everyone has already moved on to something else.

    • I’ve noticed that too, and I’ve wondered if it has to do with the different feedburner settings. For example, if a blog’s feedburner delivery option is set so that it will deliver emails between 7 am-9am, then it’ll go out between that time regardless of if the post goes live at 3 am or 6:59 am. People who read in Google reader, however, get the post as soon as it’s up (which might be why you’re already seeing comments). Another reason could be if the poster misses the delivery deadline, then feedburner doesn’t send out the email until the next day’s delivery slot.

  40. I get new postings from my favorite blogs via e-mail. In Outlook, I can usually read most of the text and then decide if I want to click through. I’ve noticed, though, that sometimes e-mail notification comes several hours after the actual postings, then I’m “late” on commenting. I’ve wondered if there is some way to fix that.

    I subscribed to this blog several months ago and love the wealth of information and encouragement.

  41. Thanks for asking the question – it always helps to re-evaluate how we’re doing things and if we’re doing them in the most efficient and effective ways.

    I homeschool our daughter through the K12 program (AWESOME program for those who are wondering) and everything thing comes through the internet. Therefore, part of my daily routine is checking my email. SO, that’s where I receive all my blogs, FB notifications, tweets, etc., etc., etc. It seems to be the most effective way for me to keep track of everything in one place.


  42. Because I don’t yet have my Google Reader organized, it’s a but of a mess right now. A great help I’ve found is actually Triberr. I’m in tribes with other bloggers who I was already reading and tweeting, and now I can easily read, add hashtags/a comment, and tweet them all from the same place. While there are drawbacks to it (just like with most tools), it’s really streamlined my blog reading.

  43. I am def looking into that filter! I always like to subscribe via email. It’s easier for me. Thank you for that tip and a chance to win a Kindle Fire!

  44. I receive notification via email then I open the blog through the email link. I always enjoy all the great information and tips.

  45. My favorites are listed on my blog roll. The remainder I read on Google Reader.

  46. I receive your blog and a couple other blogs that are important to me in my email box. I haven’t set up a separate folder as you have, but I am sure I don’t get as many emails as you do!

    Have a good weekend.

    • I subscribe to your blog as well as to other Books and Such Blogs. Also I follow you and Wendy Lawton on Twitter and you on Facebook. The first place I usually check for blogs, though, is my email.

  47. Great post, Rachelle. Email has always been easiest for me, because it’s the only thing I make sure to check every day. I have a handful of blogs (this one included) that I subscribe to via email. The RSS feeds I am subscribed to come into a folder of my Inbox, so they appear there too, but I don’t see them unless I click on them. I check those once or twice a week.

  48. Cindy R. Wilson says:

    I read most blogs through Blogger because I’m a follower, but the ones that don’t give that option but I know I want to read, I subscribe to receive a notification in the mail. It’s simple that way and then I never miss something important or just plain interesting.

  49. Just configured reader!
    I was subscribing via email the old (haha) fashioned way, but see that reader holds a lot of potential. I think it will revolutionize my blog subscriptions the way Hootsuite revolutionized my social media browsing.
    Thanks so much for the prod!

  50. I receive a few via e-mail, but I send the rest to Google Reader or just catch them on Facebook. I will have to look into that e-mail file trick. I already have it set up so that my agent’s e-mails always show up at the top of my in box. I wouldn’t want something important to get buried. 🙂

  51. Stephanie says:

    I keep up with everything through my Google reader. I don’t miss anything important, ever, and I love it! I was doubtful at first, but figured I’d give it a try, and lo and behold, I fell instantly in love. SO much easier this way! I keep this blog in my Agents’ Blogs folder in my Google reader. 🙂

  52. Jill U. says:

    I follow several blogs, but in the past I’ve simply bookmarked them on my computer. One or two I have emailed to me, but I’m more selective about those. (Yours is one.) Thanks for explaining RSS feeds and Google Reader. I haven’t really understood how those worked before. I appreciate learning new ways to use my smart phone–which is still smarter than me. But I’m catching up.

  53. Sharie says:

    Helpful for many, I’m sure.
    I found Google Reader a couple of years ago or so. Marvelous for organizing.
    PS-Thanks for the entry into your Kindle Fire drawing! 🙂

  54. patrice says:

    I entered! Great giveaway. My system for keeping up with blogs isn’t really a system at all. When I first started reading blogs, I found that it took an incredible amount of time. I have narrowed my reading down to only the blogs that interest me, teach me something,or connect me with another blogger who I want to get to know better. I have made writing for my blog a priority over reading blogs. There just aren’t enough hours in a day sometimes. 🙂

  55. ed cyzewski says:

    I’m a Google Reader fan. I like to keep my e-mail as clear as I can.

  56. Michelle says:

    I mostly use Twitter now and either follow tweet links or click to visit the person’s website via their Twitter page. In the past I used my “favorites” list on Explorer. I have a list (ever growing!) of blogs I read weekly, so Google Reader might be exactly what I need. Thanks for the fun drawing.

  57. Ms. Snip says:

    I use twitter and I log into the blogger dashboard every day. Now I’m experimenting with google reader, thanks to you! 🙂

  58. Right now, I’m still doing e-mail. I’m trying not to overwhelm myself with too many blogs, just the ones that give me the most important information on writing. I just subscribed!

  59. Christina says:

    I like getting them through my email. I tend to forget about RSS.

    I’m now a subscriber through email.

  60. Cara Putman says:

    I get some blogs through RSS feed to my email — that’s my preferred method right now. I don’t think to use Google Reader much yet. Tweeted and Google+ed plus subscribed to the blog.

  61. I’m kind of sporadic with Google reader, so I enjoy the email subscription–I’m subscribed now! It helps keep me up to date because when I’m working really hard on a new novel I don’t open my browser window much to limit temptation. 🙂

  62. Mary Blowers says:

    Looks like a great blog. Thanks for the tips.

  63. I read all my blogs at bloglovin’ — I love the fact that it shows me all of the page and not just the post … what can I say? I’m very visual 🙂

    I’m subscribed via bloglovin’!


  64. Penny McGinnnis says:

    I subscribe through my email.

  65. Calisa Rhose says:

    Hi and thanks for the information! I subscribed and I have a few that go directly to my email. I use Google Reader for the others I like to keep tabs on.

  66. Helen Gray says:

    Some I’ve bookmarked. Others I’ve subscribed to through email, as I just did to yours.

  67. Becki Reiser says:

    I love reading blogs and I typically use my MacBook. I have now added your blog link to my own blog.

  68. I like to visit the actual website, or read via email. I like the designs and it feels more personal than the cold RSS feed.

    Just subscribed via email!

  69. Some I surf to every few days. I’m trying to move all my regular drop-ins to Google Reader, where I read this one.

  70. I use Google Reader to keep up with the blogs I read. And now I’ve subscribed to this one. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  71. I subscribe to the blogs that are most important to me via email, and use Google Reader for all the rest. Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. So happy to have an easy to understand explanation of how to use RSS! Subscribing yours to come email right now…Thanks for the chance to win…

  73. I have a list of my favorite blogs on the right column of my own blog. That way I can keep all the blogs I like visible in one page, organized by categories, and make them available to my own blog followers as well. Each link shows the name of the blog and the title and date of the last post. I did subscribe by e-mail to a few blogs I really don’t want to miss, including this one.

  74. Every now and again, I click on a link to a blog from twitter, when a friend posts something that interests me… but most of my blog reading is done via email. I never remember to go back to a blog to see if something new is posted, but if I get the posts via email, I can sit down and read the updates from all of my favorite sites all at once 🙂

    (I also have google reader, but since I don’t have a smart phone or a kindle – and I don’t think it syncs with my nook – it’s easier for me to read my favorite blogs via email right now.)

  75. Kate says:

    I’m part willy-nilly, part organized. I “join” blogs via blogspot. These links and their latest posts are then listed on my blog for easy retrieval.

    Thanks, Rachel, for the reminder of making a Things to Read folder. My willy nilly reading needs to be removed from my daily work e-mail!

    I’m subscribed to you by liking you on my Starstone Literary Services FB at, another handy way to keep my reading more organized.

  76. Haley says:

    I use google reader, but instead of “following” I put the URL into the “subscribe” button. Otherwise if I want to unsubscribe for some reason, google won’t let me! I’ve tried so many times to unsubscribe to blogs I’m no longer interested in, and it won’t let me un-follow.

  77. Cheryl Dale says:

    I added Books and Such Literary to my bloglist on my own blog and check in regularly. Thanks for all of the great information.

  78. I follow most blogs through Google Reader, although I have a few (like this one now) delivered directly to my inbox.

  79. I read it via Google Reader; I can’t live without my Reader! I used to read only a handful of blogs because it was a pain to visit each one every day, and then sometimes one wouldn’t update for a week, and I’d stop checking. I keep up with everything on Google, and have all my subscriptions neatly sorted. Hey, do they make a Google Housekeeping?

  80. Kay says:

    I follow a bunch of blogs and Google Reader has made the whole process a cinch. I’ve now added this blog to my reader and look forward to reading on my morning commute!

  81. Tamara Grantham says:

    I have books and such as a link on my blog and I have it as a “friend” on facebook. I could really use a Kindle 😉

  82. Lee Libro says:

    I’ve subscribed via e-mail! I read via multiple platforms: e-mailed digests/newsletters,my blogger dashboard,Facebook,and most recently the Flipboard app on my iPad which allows me to customize the selection and access of most of my favorite platforms in one place, and I love the flip-page format.

  83. Wendy Sparrow says:

    Via email for the ones I really want to keep up on–which is what I did just now, and I try to keep up with the rest by catching mentions in Twitter.

  84. Sundi Jo says:

    I use feedly. Love it..

  85. Tara B says:

    I subscribed via email.

  86. Doris Smith says:

    Just starting to find websites and signing up for emails.

  87. So tempting. Okay, I subscribed (since I stop by here on occasion anyway.)

  88. I am an email subscriber

  89. I subscribe to the RSS feed in Google Reader, which revolutionized my blog reading. To have all of the blogs I read in one place with the ability to organize them by topic, star important posts and scroll quickly through posts has saved me SO much time I can now devote to writing. Love it!

  90. Lindsey Bell says:

    I’ve subscribed through Google reader!

  91. Megan says:

    I usually either read my blogs through Google Reader or email (and sometimes from a link in a Tweet), but I do this on my home computer.

    I’ve subscribed to yours through email, by the way!

  92. Heather H. says:

    I’m subscribed by email.

  93. Email alerts allow me to stay on track in the hunt for my favorite blog posts. I’ll have to try Google Reader too. Any way to keep all of us writers connected the better!

  94. I just discovered Google Reader due to your wonderful post.
    I love that I can now find all my favorite blog’s in one place saving me huge amounts of time and energy. Love it!

  95. I use google exclusively for my blog RSS reading the only thing welcome in my inbox is newsletters which I love! The Kindle Fire would be great for blog reading, and my daughter’s angry bird obsession.

  96. Lilian says:

    I have Google Reader, but email is still the way to go, since it’s more immediate.

    and I am an email subscriber! =)

    Lilian @ A Novel Toybox

  97. Cathy Mealey says:

    I subscribe through Google reader, which helps keep my inbox clear for priority messages from my mom and my agent (just kidding)!

  98. Karen Lange says:

    Just subscribed through Google Reader. Thanks so much for the tips. Thanks also for the giveaway!

  99. Still hunt and peck, find what looks good, go there and read. Lots of suggested links, etc., also from my own blog.

    Orgainzed? Hardly…but for now…I’m okay.

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