Ten Best Things

Wendy Lawton


Blogger: Wendy Lawton

Too often we talk about how tough the writing world is. Today let me turn the tables and talk about the best things about being a writer today in 2018.

The Ten Best Things About Being a Writer in 2018

  1. Computers— Can you imagine writing in the days of carbon paper, White Out and having to type a fresh manuscript if the manuscript you sent out came back in less than perfect condition? Computers. Definitely one of the best things.
  2. Spell Check— I know we complain about it but tell the truth, we depend on it as well. Plus it gives us a great laugh every now and then,
  3. Grammar Check— I don’t know how many times I’ve seen that underline and had to grab my Chicago Manual of Style to see why the grammar guru didn’t like that particular turn of phrase.
  4. Writer conferences— Can you imagine how much richer Louisa May Alcotts life would have been had she been regularly attending writer conferences. It would have been hard for Emily Dickinson to overcome her shyness but once she sat at a table with other writers her world would have opened up.
  5. Online writing communities— Need I say more? Another one of the best, best things
  6. Writing mentors— I’m always amazed by the experienced writers who choose to give back rather than cocoon themselves in a colony of their successful peers.
  7. Access to readers— who could every have dreamed of social media just 15 years ago?
  8. Publisher Info at our fingertips— I remember twenty years ago having to send for writer’s guidelines complete with SASEs. I had filing cabinets full of periodical guidelines as well as publisher guidelines. Now every periodical and publisher (and agent) has a website.
  9. Professional blogs like this one— now you can know what the industry peeps are thinking from day to day. The market changes so fast and now you can run with the changes.
  10. Options— who could have ever imagined Amazon, print-on-demand, micro publishers, ebooks, zero-cost self-publishing, etc., etc.. A whole world of possibilities has opened up to the writers of 2018.

So how about you? What did I miss? Why don’t you share your own best things?