Creativity Tip: Break the Mold

Janet Grant

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Last year, yes, way back in 2017, I spent time pondering creativity and wrote three posts on ways to employ it to move your writing career forward. If you missed my posts, here’s a summary of each one and links back to those posts in case you find an idea or two that you want to explore more.

To enhance your creativity:

  • Stimulate your senses through Deep Travel. Read it here.
  • Use your shortcomings or setbacks as a way for you to step back and see anew. Read it here.
  • Take a “used” idea and add an element to make it new. Read it here.

Let’s now consider ways to unleash your creativity.

Here are a few tricks I use to jar my my mind:

Drive home not by rote but by taking a new route.

And rather than dashing home as fast as you can, while you’re on that new route, pull over and  look around. Maybe even literally smell the roses. Take in the ways your senses are stimulated.

Read a type of book you’ve decided isn’t for you.

If you’re dead-set against mass paperback romances, take the leap to read one. Look for what you appreciate about the writing rather than being critical of the genre. Ask yourself what readers find appealing about formula stories. Or maybe you should pick up a political commentary that you know is written from a perspective you disagree with. Seeing our society from someone else’s point of view can help you to move beyond caricature in real life and in your writing. Even the bad guys have fascinating motives for their behavior!

Find places where your brain relaxes and goes into daydreaming mode.

For me, I dream when I’m taking a bath. I feel as if I’ve entered into a water world where the typical sounds of everyday life disappear. I’m left with my thoughts adrift. Who knows where they might slip off to?

Now it’s your turn.

What tricks do you use to find your creative zone?

What might you try that you haven’t before?

As we begin 2018, I’m announcing a change in the posting of our blog. We’re going to post twice per week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, based on the rotation we currently employ. So I’ll post, followed by Wendy, then Rachelle, Cynthia, and Rachel. We’ll look forward to providing you with new material Thursday.


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