Handling Stress

Rachel Kent

Blogger: Rachel Kent

Last night I was reading with my daughter and she picked the book When Sophie Gets Angry–Really, Really Angry by Molly Bang. It’s a Caldecott Honor Book about a little girl, Sophie, whose sister takes her toy gorilla away and then her mom (unfairly) allows the sister to keep the monkey. This makes Sophie very angry and she has to deal with her anger. Sophie roars, runs out the door, climbs a tree, walks for a bit, and then returns home where she does a puzzle with her family and then paints a picture. (Honestly, this isn’t my favorite book because Sophie runs away from home for awhile and I don’t want to encourage my kids to think that’s ever an option.)

This book and a walk my family took around a local lake got me thinking about stress. Sophie was angry and had to deal with the stress of her sister taking her monkey and her mom taking her sister’s side during the ordeal. Sophie dealt with her stress by getting out into nature and taking some time by herself. Then she did some quiet, relaxing activities–painting and a puzzle. She also changed her focus and didn’t go back to playing with that gorilla toy when she got home.

After my family took our little walk we all felt more relaxed and had a nice evening together with less stress.

As a writer, how do you deal with the stress of a tight deadline or having to balance work, writing, and home-life? Or any kind of stress?

Do you get some exercise or do a quiet activity?

Do you change your focus?

Maybe take a shower or soak in a hot tub?

Does spending time in nature help you to de-stress?

Personally, I find that getting some exercise or listening to music are great stress-relievers for me. I’d love to hear what you do when you feel overwhelmed/stressed.

And I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing long-weekend!

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