How Do You Recharge?

Wendy Lawton

Blogger: Wendy Lawton

Normally I talk about the things I know or I try to give solid writing and publishing advice. Today I’m turning the tables. I’d like you to give advice. When you’ve come home from a long trip away, a heavy conference or you’ve just completed a gigantic pile of work, how do you recharge your batteries?

I just returned from a complicated, multi-function trip late last week. Home to more than a thousand emails and several phone messages. Home to laundry and unpacking. Home to notebooks filled with notes that need to be processed. Home to a stack of writer business cards and what feels like an avalanche of requested proposals. I’m still not recharged enough to dive right in and process everything. August looks to be my most productive month– only two short trips. I can’t afford to waste an hour.

So my question is this: How do you recharge? Many of you have a recharge routine after you finish writing a book. Others have a method for working though emails. If you help me recharge by commenting below, I’ll put your name in the hat and chose one person to get a great stack of summer reading, compliments of my clients.

So let’s hear it. Recharge!

Image courtesy of  © Ymgerman | Dreamstime