Questions Fourth-Grade Aspiring Writers Ask

Cynthia Ruchti

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What questions do aspiring writers ask?

Everything imaginable, according to these questions fourth-grade aspiring writers asked during an author visit.questions aspiring writers ask

What is your favorite book cover?–Lexee

  • Leather.

Where do you like to eat and do you write there?–Abby

  • I can’t explain why, but Asian restaurants are my favorite places to write.

How many books did you publish?–Sloane

  • So far, I’ve written or collaborated on twenty-two. Nine years ago, I wasn’t convinced I’d ever see one published.

What animals were in They Almost Always Come Home?–Julian

  • Wolves and bears. In supporting roles.

What is the hardest part of being an author? –Alexis

  • Waiting.

Would you suggest writing a video if you are stuck writing a book?–Israel

  • I hadn’t thought of that, but it might be a good idea, Israel.

What is your favorite book that you wrote?–Ellie

  • My goal is for the last book I wrote to always be my current favorite, each one a better story than the one before as I grow as a writer.

How long does it take for just the writing part of publishing a book?–Kaylee

  • Every author will give you a different answer. Usually the first one takes the longest. For me, I think about a book long before I get the words into my computer and onto paper. A comfortable pace for me is nine months. But for years it’s been more like four to six months between deadlines. Sometimes less than that.

My brother wrote a book and I came up with the name Marstown and the beginning. Have your grandchildren helped you with some of your books?–Nick

  • Definitely. Plot points. Character occupations. Unique twists. Clever details. And praying while I write.

Why did you write my dog Sadie in that new book?–your loving granddaughter Hannah

  • Because Sadie (aka Comfort) has so much personality. She deserved a role in a book.

When you were a scientist did you do any explosions?–Katie

  • Not intentionally.

How would you start and finish a book?–Jackson

  • So far, I’ve only tried using words.

How do you find a publisher? Because I write a lot of books.–Reggi

  • (Crickets.) The real answer takes volumes.

writers ask questionsAspiring writers are full of questions, as they should be.

  • Agents, instructors, and writer friends can answer some of them. But among the most important questions aspiring writers ask are those only they can answer.
  • Am I in this for honorable reasons? (Note that we don’t presume what makes your reasons honorable, just that you’ve asked the question.)
  • Am I in this for the long haul? Those with unrealistic expectations will have more than enough opportunities to give up.
  • Am I teachable? Writers–both aspiring and veteran–who assume they already have all the answers set themselves up for unrewarding careers.

What questions are on your mind, Writer? They may become subjects for future blog posts.

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