Rejection-Free Writing

Cynthia Ruchti

Rejection-free writing. Is it possible?

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A writer friend had been working with another writer, coaching him on the craft as he edged toward a publishable manuscript. “I don’t know how to counsel him anymore,” my friend said. “He told me, ‘I just want to get a book published without risking rejection.‘”rejection

Ah, there’s the rub.

Nothing about the writing life–no step along the way–is free from the risk.

Fear of rejection paralyzes otherwise excellent writers.

It keeps great books locked away from the eyes of the reading public.

Rejection-phobia imprisons potential.

But who in their “write” mind would intentionally subject themselves to the possibility?

Why risk it?rejection prone

Risk rejection to grow as a writer.

A writer whose growth is stunted will find his or her career is, too.

Risk rejection to gain valuable feedback.

Critiques and edits are not rejections, despite our human tendency to label them that way. Fear can prevent us from showing our work to the very people who can help us minimize the risk of rejection by improving our work.

Risk rejection to mature.

A writer whose skills grow but character doesn’t is a writer who may–as the Bible says–gain the world and lose his own soul.

rejection dejectionRisk rejection to steel yourself for all the pockets of it scattered along the journey.

The most prolific, successful author still experiences rejection–projects that don’t quite fit, books that don’t do as well as previous successes, readers who find a new favorite author.

Risk rejection because that’s what professionals do.

When agents or writing instructors hear that a writer is rejection-phobic, they know the writer has little hope of moving forward.

rejection cureFear doesn’t have to be a permanent condition. No one runs looking for rejection. But wise writers can learn not to run from it.

Other than practicing rejection repetitions, how have you gained confidence to let others read your work? Critique your writing? Consider your proposal?


Coping with the myth of #rejection-free #writing.


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