Small Offerings

Janet Grant

Blogger: Janet Kobobel Grant

As I considered what to write about on this Memorial weekend, my memory floated back to the year my brother and I muddled our way through May gift-giving. That May was the first year we were old enough to consider buying a Mother’s Day present. I was probably in first grade and my bro in second.

I don’t recall how we organized the outing or who dropped us off to shop. But I do remember that we figured the drugstore would contain the perfect gift for Mom. The drugstore and the grocery store were the two places we thought about when it came to purchasing items.

As we meandered through the store, looking for options, we knew we were limited by our budget. Both of us received a quarter each week. Thus far in our lives, we had only spent the money buying candy at our neighborhood’s tiny grocery.

Eventually, after much agonizing, we landed on not one but two perfect items for Mom: a box of Russell Stover chocolates and a bouquet of plastic flowers. Our finances didn’t allow for a card.

Holiday Mashup

After we proudly handed the items to Mom, she exclaimed over how wonderful we were. Then she did mention–casually–that the flowers were meant to be laid on graves for Memorial Day.

I don’t know how my brother responded, but I was horrified that our small offerings managed to intermingle the two May events. I guess Mom told us because she wanted to guarantee this was the only Mother’s Day in which she was honored in such a manner.

That silly occasion reminds me that whatever we have to offer on May’s two most important days, our small gifts are expressions of the love and respect we hold for our living mothers and for those who have passed–especially for those who have died in service to our country.

So take a moment in the midst of our three-day spree of not working to thank God for those who gave us their all. Their offerings were generous beyond measure.

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Janet Grant

Blogger: Janet Kobobel Grant

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