The Perfect Blog

Wendy Lawton

Blogger: Wendy Lawton


I planned the perfect blog for you today. I was in the kitchen preparing a meal when it came to me. So very creative and I knew it would interest our blog readers. As I continued to chop and braise, I thought of all the different points and connections I wanted to make and how I would link them together. It made me smile to have it all mapped out in my mind. The. Perfect. Blog.

Guess what? I can’t remember a single detail of that perfect blog.

I can remember where I was when I was planning it, what I was doing, how happy it made me. After all, it was to be the perfect blog. I pictured all the different individuals in our blog community who might benefit from it.

I have an excuse, having three different auto-immune diseases– all of which have brain fog as a side effect– but I usually write everything down and rely on my well-honed systems so that, hopefully, that fog never encroaches on my professional life. But when you are elbow deep in supper preparation and you’re in a room far away from your office, you convince yourself you will remember. Of course you’ll remember– it’s brilliant! (That much I do remember. It was brilliant.)

Yeah, right.

I know this has happened to many of my friends and clients. How many times have I heard:

“I just finished the best writing of my entire life and the power went out before I saved it. Now I can’t even remember why it was so good.”

“I woke up in the middle of the night with the plot completely worked out in my mind. I knew I wouldn’t remember everything so I managed to find a stub of a pencil in my nightstand and spent the next hour and a half writing every single plot point down. I couldn’t turn on the light because Hubs gets up so early in the morning he needs uninterrupted sleep. The next day I grabbed the scrap on which I scribbled my ideas and I could not make out a single sentence let alone follow the meandering lines of my script.”

“Why is it I have the best ideas in the shower? By the time I’ve rinsed my hair and toweled myself dry–POOF!– the ideas have disappeared in the steam.”

So now it’s your turn. Make us all feel better. Tell us your tale of losing the perfect idea, the perfect article, the perfect book idea, the perfect scene, the perfect. . . well, you know.


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