Your Social Media Persona

Rachelle Gardner

Blogger: Rachelle Gardner

As an author, whether you’re published or not, your social media persona is important. What kind of face are you showing to the world?

It’s not always easy to understand how we look to others. Sometimes we have to try and view our social media feeds as a stranger would. Open up your Facebook or Instagram feed, and read through your posts, all in a row. If someone were to happen across your page, what kind of opinion would they form about you? What kind of person would they think you are?

  • Would they think you’re a person mainly interested in promoting your books?
  • Would they think you’re a person who whines and complains a bit too much?
  • Would they think you’re a person who’s real and authentic and interested in real conversation?
  • Would they think you’re interesting? Funny? Inspirational?
  • Do you seem like someone they’d want to be friends with?

Does your social media feed match the kind of person you want to be?

Look at your posts and ask yourself: What kind of energy am I bringing to this party? Is it the energy you want to be spreading?

If you have books or anything else to promote, make sure you’re offering valuable content—something inspirational, educational, entertaining, or motivating—five times as often as you’re promoting your wares.

And as for those posts where you complain about what a hard day you had—ask yourself if that’s really what you want to say. I’m all for being authentic, but I’m not a fan of the whining or complaining post. I don’t think we should be asking our social media followers to bear the burden of our minor inconveniences or annoyances. But maybe that’s just me.

Rather than using social media as our go-to arena to vent our latest thought, I think we should be intentional about how we present ourselves to the world. This should probably be true for everyone, but especially for authors.

What do you think? Is it important to maintain a certain persona on social media? How do you manage this?



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